Testimonials from NeurAlive Clients

Neurofeedback is amazing. My 10 year old son suffers from an anxiety disorder and started brain training under Elinor Bazar's watchful eye. The changes in him were almost unbelievable. Better behaviour, better sleep, less anger, and fewer symptoms of depression. I have a happier, more relaxed kid and owe it all to neurofeedback.- Parent of a Young NeurAlive Client
I’ve loved my sessions at NeurAlive with Elinor, what an amazing thing she has going on there. As I have more sessions I can increasingly feel the shifts that her NeurOptimal systems are helping me with. I feel less scattered, clearer in my thoughts, goals and directions and more ease in integrating big changes in my life. What makes it even better is that the sessions feel safe and deeply relaxing as I open my mind to healing and growth in the gentle space she has created.- Connie, NeurAlive Client
I always look forward to my brain training sessions with Elinor. I sleep better afterward, and no longer need sleeping medication. I feel that I have more internal space to deal with life’s challenges. I feel less panicked inside. I truly hope that more people will experience this transformational technology.- Adult Male, NeurAlive Client
Our child's progress has been amazing since starting sessions with Elinor.- Parent of a Young NeurAlive Client

Testimonials from NeurOptimal® Clients Around the World

“Although I had only run 6 or 7 sessions, I did feel my focus was stronger, and I had much
less anxiety while on stage, doing my routine & poses. I believe it certainly helped me win
first place in my class in the Provincial Bodybuilding competition.”


“As a university student myself and who has only been using the system for a couple of weeks
I have already noticed it impacting my studying. The improvement I’m most happiest with is an
ease of writing papers… I used to struggle with how to articulate my thoughts in writing a paper
and now it seems like I can just sit down and write. I have also found more motivation to study
and more energy. All of which are major perks when being a student!”


“Neurofeedback has been a great tool for improving my sleep and better managing stress.”

No matter what your goals are going into your brain training
sessions, you’ll end up accomplishing so much more!

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